(in order of appearance)

Richard Lewis

Richard began performing stand-up comedy in the 1970's.  He gained popularity in the 1980's with numerous appearances on "Late Night withe David Letterman" and his own television specials on HBO.  He also known for his role in the film "Robin Hood, Men in Tights" and as playing himself on HBO's "Curb Your Enthusiasm". Richard lists Lenny Bruce as a major influence.

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Robin Williams

Robin is an award winning actor, comedian and philanthropist that is best known for his free-associative monologues that touch on social and political issues.  After first tasting fame as Mork on the TV series "Mork and Mindy" he has gone on to win an Academy Award ("Good Will Hunting"), two Emmy Awards, four Golden Globe Awards, two Screen Actors Guild Awards and give Grammy Awards.

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Roseanne Barr

Rosanne is an American actress, comedian, writer, television producer and director.  Barr began her career in stand-up comedy at clubs before gaining fame in her role in the sitcom Roseanne. On August 5th, 2011 Barr appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and announced her candidacy for president in the 2012 presidential election, running on the "Green Tea Party" ticket.

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Christopher Titus

Chris is a comedian and actor. He is most famous for his work on the FOX television show "Titus" in which he was the star, executive producer and co-creator.

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Kitty Bruce

The only child of Lenny Bruce and Honey Harlow, Kitty is an actress and singer.  She recently founded Lenny's House, a non-profit charity for women recovering from drug and alcohol abuse.  "Looking for Lenny" is  only the second on-camera interview she has given regarding her late father.

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Mark Lonow

Mark is a comedian and the co-owner of the world-famous Improv comedy club.

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Phyllis Diller

Phyllis is an American actress and pioneering stand-up comic famous for her signature laughter and prop cigarette holder.  She is also an accomplished pianist and painter.

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Ronnie Schell

Ronnie is an actor, voice actor and stand-up comedian.  

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Elon Gold

Elon is an American comedian, TV actor, writer and producer.  He is known for his impressions and is a judge on the ABC celebrity impersonation competition series "The Next Best Thing."

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Mort Sahl

Mort, a contemporary of Lenny's, is an actor and stand-up comedian famous for bring a newspaper on stage and basing his routine on current events.  Morth was the first stand-up comedian to make the cover of "TIME Magazine" and he was a friend and joke writer for President John F. Kennedy.  It was stated that after the assassination of JFK, Mort's career never rebounded as he left Hollywood to assist New Orleans prosecutor Jim Garrison in working the case.

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Shelley Berman

Shelley, a contemporary of Lenny's, is an American comedian, actor, writer, teacher and poet. He has appeared in numerous stage plays as well as on TV on "The Twilight Zone", "Bewitched", "The Mary Tyler Moore Show", "Friends" and recently as Larry David's father on "Curb Your Enthusiasm" (a role he received a 2008 Emmy Award nomination).

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Jonathan Winters

Jonathan is a renowned comedian and actor. He shared the stage with Lenny Bruce in the early years of their careers in the North Beach area of San Francisco at such clubs as The Hungy i.

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Enrico Banducci

Enrico was an American impresario.  He operated the Hungry i night club in San Francisco's North Beach neighborhood, where he launched the careers of comedians such as Lenny Bruce, Mort Sahl, Bill Cosby and Jonathan Winters. Many San Franciscan's have referred to Banducci as the "Godfather of North Beach".

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Rob Riggle

Rob is an actor and comedian known for his work as a correspondent on "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart".

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Hugh Hefner

Hugh, most known for being the founder of Playboy Magazine, is also a Free Speech and Civil Rights advocate and philanthropist.  Playboy published Lenny's autobiography "How to Talk Dirty and Influence People" and provided legal assistance to Lenny during his trail in Chicago.  Hugh is also Godfather to Bruce's daughter, Kitty Bruce.

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Lewis Black

Lewis is an American stand-up comedian, author, playwright, social critic and actor.  He is known for his comedy style, which often includes simulating a mental breakdown, or an increasingly angry rant, ridiculing history, politics, religion, trends and cultural phenomena.  He is frequently a guest on "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart".

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Paul Krassner

Paul is an author, journalist and stand-up comedian as well as the founder, editor and a frequent contributor to the free-thought magazine "The Realist" (first published in 1958). He is credited as being one of the pioneers of the 1960's counter-culture revolution along with Timothy Leary, Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin. Krassner was a close friend and confidant to Lenny Bruce.

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Satsimuran Kaur

Satsimuran was a friend of the Bruce family and was tasked with telling Sally Marr (Lenny Bruce's mother) about Lenny's death.


John Magnuson

John is an American filmmaker.  He directed the animated short film "Thank You Masked Man" starring Lenny Bruce and based on one of his routines.


Troy Duffy

Troy is an American director, screenwriter and musician.  He has directed two films "The Boondock Saints" and "The Boondock Saints II:  All Saints Day".

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Orlando Jones

Orlando is an American comedian and film and television actor. He is notable for being one of the original members of the sketch comedy series "MADtv" and for his role as the 7 Up spokesman from 1999-2002.

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Robert Klein

Robert is an American stand-up comedian, singer and actor. He first appeared on HBO in 1975 and has made eight live appearances on HBO since.

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Jon Lovitz

Jon is an American comedian, actor and singer.  He is best known for being a cast member of the NBC sketch comedy show "Saturday Night Live" from 1985 to 1990. In 2007 Lovitz opened "The Jon Lovitz Comedy Club at Aubergine" in the Gaslamp District in San Diego, California.

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Jamie Masada

Jamie is a comedian and founder of the world-famous Laugh Factory comedy club.

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Joe Mantegna

Joe is an American actor, producer, writer, director and voice actor.  He is best known for his 1990 role as Corleone nemesis, Joey Zasa, in Francis Ford Coppola's "The Godfather III".  Joe can currently be seen on TV's "Criminal Minds".

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Jeff Cesario

Jeff is an Emmy-winning American comedian and writer.

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Mathew Harawitz

Mathew is an American comic and writer who has worked on such shows as "The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn", "The Comedy Central Roast of William Shatner" and "Whitney".

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Steve Krief

Steve is a Lenny Bruce Historian and is considered one of the world's pre-eminent experts on Lenny Bruce and Bruce's era.  He received his Ph.D. after completing his dissertation on the life and work of Lenny Bruce.

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Henry Rollins

Henry is a singer-songwriter (Black Flag, Rollins Band), spoken word artist, writer, comedian, publisher, actor and radio DJ.  He has appeared in such films as "Heat", "Lost Highway" and "The Chase".

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Chris Spencer

Chris is a Jamaican American actor, comedian, writer and producer.  He has performed on "Jimmy Kimmel Live",  "The Chris Rock Show" and  "Def Comedy Jam".

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Paul Mooney 

Paul is a comedian, writer, social critic, TV and film actor. He is best known for his comedy writing for the legendary Richard Pryor.  Paul is also the creator of the "Homie the Clown" sketch from FOX's hit show "In Living Colour" and also made numerous appearances in "Chappelle's Show".   

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Jay Davis

Jay is an American actor, stand-up comedian, and promoter/producer.

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Lisa Lampanelli

Lisa is an American stand-up comedian and insult comic.  She is noted for her racy and raunchy style of comedy which frequently includes taboo subjects such as race and homosexuality.

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Ahmed Ahmed

Ahmed Ahmed is an Egyptian American actor and comedian.  He moved to Hollywood when he was 19 years old to pursue a career as an actor and stand-up comedian, and he has been working there ever since. He is also well known for his stand-up performances on the Axis of Evil comedy tour and headlines a show at the Comedy Store called "Arabian Knights" that features comics of Middle Eastern descent.

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Bobby Slayton 

Bobby is a stand-up comedian known as The Bit Pull of Comedy and Yid Vicious.  He is a frequent guest on "The Adam Carolla Show" and routinely featured on "The Howard Stern Show".

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Martin Garbus

Martin is an American attorney that has tried cases throughout the United States of America involving constitutional, criminal, copyright and intellectual property law.  He has been called America's "most prominent First Amendment lawyer" and among his clients are Lenny Bruce, Don Imus, Nelson Mandela, Emminem and Caesar Chavez. 

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Brian Holtzman

Brian is an American actor and stand-up comedian.


Matt Amar 

Matt is an actor, producer and writer. Matt's friendship with Carl B. Montgomery, a close friend of Lenny's and former manager of New York's Marlton Hotel (where Lenny once lived) was the genesis of "Looking for Lenny".

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Carl B. Montgomery

Carl, a close friend of Lenny's,  is best known for his many years of service as the manager and lease holder of the Greenwich Village's Hotel Marlton (which was a popular weekly/monthly residence for Bohemian actors, musicians artists and poets). Carl's demeanor made him popular with such  notables as Jack Kerouac, Valerie Solanas and film actor, Mickey Rourke.  As of  2012, Carl still lives in the hotel where he befriended Lenny the night he arrived in 1961.


Jim Norton

Jim is a stand-up comedian, radio personality, author and actor.  He has appeared on "The Late Show with David Letterman", the "Opie & Anthony Show" as well as hosted a comedy showcase on HBO.

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George Pataki

George is an American politician who was the 53rd Governor of New York.  He posthumously pardoned Lenny Bruce in 2003 - (the only posthumous pardon in New York's history).

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Paul Mecurio

Paul is a Rhode Island-born comedian featured on "Comedy Central Presents".  A lawyer by education, he started a career in stand-up after working as an investment banker and merger and acquisitions lawyer.

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Ron Jeremy

Ron is an American Adult Film star and mainstream actor.

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Andy Kindler

Andy is an American stand-up comedian, actor ("Everybody Loves Raymond") and voice talent ("Bob's Burgers").

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Frankie Ray Perelli

Frankie, Lenny's former roommate, is an actor, writer and producer.  Frankie has authored numerous screenplays and is the author of the stage play "Last Call".


Gordon McGill

Gordon is an American actor and a friend of Lenny and the Bruce family.



Clifton Collins Jr.

Clifton is an accomplished American film and TV actor.

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Sandra Bernhard

Sandra is an American comedian, singer, actress and author. She first gained attention in the late 1970s with her stand-up comedy in which she often bitterly critiques celebrity culture and political figures.

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Jeffrey Ross

Jeff a stand-up comic, actor, director and author.  He is currently the Roastmaster General at New York Friar's Club and has been a roaster and/or writer for over a dozen "Comedy Central Roasts".

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