Raise your hand if you like Lewis Black

Lewis Black is now headlining New Video Tuesday.  Hear what he has to say about Michael Richards and, if Michael ever opened a comedy club, what it should be called.  Jump over to the Video page to check it out.

"Looking for Lenny" in Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone just talked with Carl Montgomery and Paul Krassner, both of whom appear in "Looking for Lenny", about Lenny, his legacy and "Looking for Lenny". 

From the article:
Looking for Lenny examines recent controversies over the use of language, including racial slurs used by talk show host Don Imus and comedian Michael Richards. When Bruce used similar language on stage – often incessantly – it was to expose its absurdity. The real crime in the Richards case, says comedian Orlando Jones in the film, was that "there was no punchline."

Such incidents demonstrate Bruce's prescience, said Krassner: "When he was called a 'sick' comic, he was really trying to reflect the implications of a sick society. And the critics blamed the messenger."

For the full article head over to RollingStone.com

Patrick goin' coast to coast!

A few days ago Patrick was in the Bay Area and now he's in New York.  The man is relentless.

It's Christopher Titus' turn on new video Tuesday

In this clip comedian Christopher Titus discusses Lenny, addiction and social responsibility.  Christopher gave us a fantastic interview and I'm glad we have an opportunity on this website to share with you some of the things he said that were cut from the film due to time.  Head on over to the Video page to check it out.

Patrick hits the airwaves!

Our very own Patrick O'Sullivan appeared on the San Francisco area show Bay Sunday to help spread the word about "Looking for Lenny". Check it out!