Censorship or just the free market at work?

Political correctness, conformity threaten free speech

I donít agree with some of Buchananís ideas, especially regarding Jews, his questioning of whether World War II had to happen or whether the United States should be involved militarily in the Middle East, but he has every right to his ideas, as we all have the right to our own. Itís called free speech.

The approach to free speech should be like the one taken by the ACLU in 1977 when neo-Nazis made plans to march through the Jewish suburb of Skokie, Ill. While deploring their views, the ACLU defended the groupís right to express itself.

This article caught my eye because it is specifically a topic we talk about in "Looking for Lenny". Late in his life Lenny had a number of run-ins with the law because of what he said on stage, who he poked fun of and what topics he broached. He was arrested and forced to stand trial all across the country. I think we all can agree that getting tossed in jail is a far cry from just getting laid off (which is what happened in this case to Pat Buchanan). I don't think it's a First Amendment issue because the government is not involved. Pat Buchanan is free to express his views and opinions and MSNBC is free to decide whether or not to put Pat Buchanan on the air. Something to think about though is, if voices are getting silenced is the end result any different if it's the government or corporations doing the silencing?