Ideas in Setting Up an Outdoor Movie Theater at Home

outdoor over indoor movie theater

Setting up your own personal theater, whether outdoor or indoor, may be a little tricky. You’ll have to deal with wires, furniture having to be moved around, deciding which way to face, etc. Still, at the end of the day, you get to enjoy your work of art with your entire family or friends.

Usually, home theaters, especially outdoor ones, are set up so simply. People usually stop at the presence of the movie screen, projector, movie player, seats, speakers, and the right wires. However, other than these things, there are actually so many more creative ideas you can apply in your backyard or indoor home theater.

Focusing on the outdoors,as this is becoming trendy, here are some additional creativity that won’t hurt your outdoor theater. This might even make it feel more like a film festival.

Installing Tent

Rain and too much heat are our top enemies outdoors. Thus, instaling a tent is reasonable as this will protect us from drizzle and keep us in shade. Of course, you don’t have to go for the most expensive tents; as long as the material does its job in protecting what’s beneath it, you’re good to go.

Adding Lights

To step up your home theater experience, adding the right lights is super essential. No, we’re not talking about disco lights or fluorescent ones; we’re talking about laser lights or Christmas lights. Yes, you can simply reuse your lights last holiday season. This is best for when an outdoor movie night is agreed upon your family or friends. With the lights, it will feel like you’re in some outdoor movie festival.

improving outdoor theater

Adding a Buffet Table

It just becomes too tiring to run back and forth towards the kitchen; so why not add a buffet table that is within reach? You may use a small coffee table or an old center table; all you need is a place where you can put the chips and other snacks in.

Comfortable Seats

To complete your outdoor cinematic experience, make sure you have comfortable seats. No one wants to watch a movie with a sore neck and back from sitting on wooden chairs. From beanies to couches, you can use them all depending on your preference; just make sure it’s comfortable. Zero gravity chair is increasingly becoming more popular though (check out Zero gravity chair review here).

Pillows and Blankets

Although optional, you can also throw in some pillows and blankets to make the experience even more comfortable. Just pray that you won’t be encountering family members falling asleep while the movie goes on; pillows and blankets have that effect usually.

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