Personal Injury Basics With Dave

The following is an interview with Dave Bursbery one of the head injury lawyers in the Bronx area. For more info visit David at his website.

There may be many definitions for personal injury but for the purpose of this discussion, personal injury will be construed as injuries that one may sustain throughout the course of his/her life. Naturally, the injured party may ask for damages from the one who injured him/her or from the party who caused the injury itself. However there will be times where the injury was caused by an accident.This means that no one is at fault. Accidents, by their very definition, are not caused by another party or the injured party but are occurrences that cannot be controlled. This would mean that the injured party would have to reach for his/her own purse, figuratively speaking, and pay for this/her own rehabilitation.

This occurrence has lead to the establishment of the insurance industry. Insurance companies would give consumers the choice to subscribe to a plan that will be activated once the accident or untoward occurrence that was stipulated on the plan happens. We have self-insurance for those who want to have funds just in case of personal injury. We also have car and house insurances for cars and houses respectively. Sounds good right? But what if the insurance companies find loopholes and does not give the assistance? That is where the personal injury lawyers come in to the rescue.

There are many personal injury lawyers in New York. The choice might intimidate novice customers especially because City of New York is big ad there are also countless law firms in existence inside the city. One recommended law firm in the realm of personal injuries is the Law Office of Thomas C. Annunziato/ Glenn T. Paparian. The lawyers in sad law firm are experienced ones and can deal with any case that may arise in personal injuries that are associated with insurance plans. The lawyers of this firm will make sure that you will have the proper counsel in dealing with cases such as those mentioned.